001 – Eat The Tourists


So after what!? 20+ years of having this whole roster of weird character I’ve finally decided to make a little comic strip with them now!

After losing my job last year because of COVID-19 I had been pretty lost. Playing video games can only keep your mind busy for so long! I had tried to start a few things with all these characters but nothing I was trying was giving me back the creativity I used to have! (Having a full time job at the same place for 14+ years sucked all that creativity out of me that I used to have and it took a while to reignite!)

The other morning I woke up though with an idea I had always wanted to try – a comic strip! And with everything that’s happened this past year I thought to myself: How would these characters react to it all!?

So I sat down with a sketchbook and started drawing everyone again to reacquaint myself with them yesterday and now I’ve got my first one to share!

Going to try to do a couple a week. Tuesdays and Thursdays I’m thinking! But we’ll see how everything works out!

Dedicated to my dear friend zeth who had to put up with 20+ years of my Jurassic Park references. He was taken far too soon and we all miss him very much!