005 – Social Distanced Justice


Finally Anthrax Man is back fighting for crime! He faces a new threat these days. Karens. I’ve been fortunate enough to not really come across many in the wild.

It was fun drawing Anthrax Man after all these years of not drawing him. His design has mostly stayed the same all these years later. He does sport some rainbow heart earrings now though! And of course a mask when he’s out fighting evil doers! It’s always interesting drawing these now and thinking: Does this situation call for a mask!? So far it’s been pretty even between yes and no. When they’re not in their homes I put masks on them and when they are at home they are mask free. So simple! Well, except for the Karens who were hanging out in a large group mask free!

Well, that’s it for today!

❤❤❤ to everyone!